Tex-Book for PHY130 Series

The following *.pdf files are lecture notes and worked out example problems (exercises) used in my Phy130 series classes. They are meant to suppliment a textbook, or as a tex-book on its own to assist the student in understanding the basic physics in our first and second year Physics for Scientists and Engineers sequence.

I have also included the source code written in tex (latex), that have the extension *.tex, which is an ascii text file. All instructors (and/or students) are welcome to download these source codes and modify them to their own needs. I have included only a few figures so as to make the tex file as simple as possible. Please let me know via e-mail if you develop these notes further as I would like to link to your notes.

Link to online integer problems: Phy131, Phy132, Phy133.

Notes for PHY131

Notes for PHY132
Fluids, Oscillations, Thermodynamics

Notes for PHY133
Electricity and Magnetism

Notes for PHY234
Electromagnetic Radiation and Special Relativity

Notes on Vectors

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