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Below are online physics problems for First Year Physics: Fluids, Gravity, Oscillations, Waves, Thermodynamics, Phy132. Pick a problem below and start by clicking on "New n1 & n2". After determining the answer, enter it in the text box "Input n3:", then click "Grade it". The program will display "correct" or "incorrect". If you want to try the calculation again click "New n1 & n2". All answers are integers. You should not need a calculator to solve the problems. Only type an integer as an answer. If my students want credit for answering the problem correctly, then type in your id and click "record grade". Let me know if you have any difficulties in understanding the questions.



Problem A1

Problem A2

Problem A3

Problem A4

Problem A5

Problem A6

Problem A7

Problem A8

Problem A9

Problem A10

Newtonian Gravitation:

Problem B1

Problem B2

Problem B3

Problem B4

Problem B5

Problem B6

Problem B7

Problem B8

Problem B9

Problem B10

Oscillations and Waves:

Problem C1

Problem C2

Problem C3

Problem C4

Problem C5

Problem C6

Problem C7

Problem C8

Problem C9

Problem C10

Problem C11

Problem C12

Problem C13

Problem C14

Problem C15

Problem C16

Problem C17

Problem C18

Problem C19

Problem C20


Problem D1

Problem D2

Problem D3

Problem D4

Problem D5

Problem D6

Problem D7

Problem D8

Problem D9

Problem D10

Problem D11

Problem D12

Problem D13

Problem D14

Problem D15

Problem D16

Problem D17

Problem D18

Problem D19

Problem D20

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