Phy432 Laboratory Manual

The files below comprise the Phy432 Nuclear Physics Laboratory Manual. There is an introduction chapter and five experiments. All the files are in *.pdf format. The manual is designed for use in the Cal Poly Pomona radiation laboratory. The manual is open-source, so anyone is free to use it. However, no one is allowed to sell any part of the manual. If any part of the manual is used for educational purposes, the Physics Department at Cal Poly Pomona should be recognized.


  1. nucintro.pdf
  2. decays.pdf
  3. dosage.pdf

Experiment 1

  1. geiger.pdf
  2. stats.pdf
  3. Exp1.pdf

Experiment 2

  1. gammadet.pdf
  2. gaussfit.pdf
  3. Peak fitting software: mcafit2
  4. Exp2, spectrum1, spectrum2, spectrum3.
  5. If you want to convert a *.chn file to a text file you can use chn2txt.

Experiment 3

  1. exp3.pdf
  2. Peak fitting software: mcafit2, Inverse Square software: invsq2.

Experiment 4

  1. exp4.pdf: Attenuation of Radiation
  2. Peak fitting software: mcafit2, Linear Interpolation software: lininterpol.

Experiment 5 - Ge

  1. Natural Radiation
  2. exp5.pdf
  3. Peak fitting software: gefit6, soilfit.
  4. Data Files from Winter 2016: cs137.CNF, csnacobi.CNF, kcl2hr.CNF (3117g), bkrd20.CNF, bkrdx20.CNF, sequoia20.CNF (3468g), threeriv20.CNF (3547g), vannuys20.CNF (3717g), testsite20.CNF (4860g), pas20.CNF (3960g), bigbear20.CNF (4661g),
  5. Data Files from Winter 2015: cs137.CNF, cal.CNF, bkrd20hr.CNF, kcl2hr.CNF (3117g), bbear2.CNF (3170g), tsite.CNF (4860g), redrock.CNF (4510g), indust.CNF (4230g), branut1.CNF, branut2.CNF, bkrd20b.CNF,
  6. Data Files from Winter 2014: cs137.cnf, cal.cnf, bkrd20.cnf, abase.cnf, bbear20.cnf, dgranite.cnf, fiesta.cnf, kcl2hr.cnf, lantern.cnf, lantern2.cnf, river20.cnf,
  7. Data Files from previous years: calib.cnf, bkrd20.cnf, kcl1hr.cnf, avalley.cnf, brnuts20.cnf, lantern.cnf, monro20.cnf, rowlan20.cnf, pblend1.cnf, rock1.cnf, rock2.cnf,
  8. To convert any of the *.cnf files to a text file you can use cnf2txt.

Experiment 5 - NaI

  1. Natural Radiation
  2. exp5-Nai.pdf
  3. Software for Disk Sources: mcafit2. disksources.
  4. Software for Soil Samples: naisoilfit2.

Experiment 6

  1. exp6.pdf
  2. The software for fitting the optic peaks for this lab is ooptics4_new.

Data analysis software used in the lab are: invsq2, mcafit2, gefit6, soilfit, disksources. naisolfit2. ooptics4_new.

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