Lecture Notes and Videos for Spring 2013

Monday April 1: lecture 1 (Introduction), lecture1.tex, testgcc.c, Testroot.C, video of lecture 1

Monday April 8: lecture 2 (Zeros, Lambda-Hypernuclei), lecture2.tex, brachalf.c, Bhalf.C, video of lecture 2

Wednesday April 10: Office Hour

Monday April 15: lecture 3 (Differential Eq.), lecture3.tex, video of lecture 3

Wednesday April 17: Office Hour

Monday April 22: lecture 4 (Nuclear Shell Model), lecture4.tex, video of lecture 4

Wednesday April 24: Office Hour

Monday April 29: lecture 5 (Numerical Integration, Intro to Scattering), lecture5.tex, rectint.c, video of lecture 5

Wednesday May 1: Office Hour

Monday May 6: lecture 6 (Relativistic Kinematics, Graphing), lecture6.tex, Ggraph.C, video of lecture6

Wednesday May 8: Office Hour

Monday May 13: lecture 7 (Random Numbers, Scattering Amplitude), lecture7.tex, video of lecture7

Monday May 20: lecture 8 (Gaussian Probability, Phase Shifts), lecture8.tex, video of lecture8

Wednesday May 22: office hour

Wednesday May 29: lecture 9 (chisquare analysis, grid search), lecture9.tex, Lfit.C, lfitting.c video of lecture9

Monday June 3: lecture 10 (Resonances), lecture10.tex, video of lecture10

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