Integer Online Problems for first year Physics Students

Listed below are the three courses we offer at Cal Poly Pomona for first year science and engineering students. If you click on a course, you will be sent to a page that has around 60 online problems displayed for the topics of the class. Pick a problem and start by clicking on "New n1 & n2". After determining the answer, enter it in the text box "Input n3:", then click "Grade it". The program will display "correct" or "incorrect". If you want to try the calculation again click "New n1 & n2". All answers are integers. You should not need a calculator to solve the problems. Only type an integer as an answer. If my students want credit for answering the problem correctly, then type in your id and click "record grade". If other teachers want to give their students credit, they can have the students use "PrintScrn". Let me know if you have any difficulties in understanding the questions. For information on the pedagogy of "integer problems", see: "Online with Integers", Jonathan W. Siegel and P.B. Siegel, The Physics Teacher, Vol 49, 510-511 (November 2011).

Phy131: Mechanics
Phy132: Fluids, Gravitation, Oscillations and Waves, and Thermodynamics
Phy133: Electricity and Magnetism

The link to my lecture notes and worked out examples for these topics can be found at Physics 130 series lecture notes

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