Various PIC Projects

Here we list some fun projects one can do with 8-bit PIC microcontrollers. For instructions on how to program the chip using the PicKit2 for the various projects, see pprogs.html .

Kitchen Timer

The kitchen timer is a timer that allows one to set the time in minutes up to 63 minutes. When the time is up, a buzzer goes off. We use the PIC16f690 microcontroller. The remaining time is displayed in binary format using LED's. There are 6 LED's for the minutes (pins 14-19), and 5 LED's for the seconds (pins 2,3,5,6,7). Pin 11 is connected to the buzzer. Pin 10 is connected to a button that allows the user to add a minute to the timer.
One can construct the timer
by placing the components
onto a solderless breadboard,
or by soldering the components
onto a perf-board. The connections
are shown in the figure to the right:

For the seconds, the most-significant-bit is pin 7, and for the minutes the most-significant-bit is pin 14. The second LED's count up to 30 then back down to zero in binary. The timer starts out at one minute, and one can push the button to add more minutes to the timer. Click here to see a parts list .

The assembly code for the timer is kitimer2.asm . The minutes are displayed in binary on pins 19 -> 14, with the lowest significant bit being pin 19. The seconds are displayed on pins 7,6,5,3,2, with the lowest significant bit being 2. The 10k Ohm resistor on pin 10 is used as a "pull-up" resistor for the button. When the button is pressed, pin 10 is grounded yielding a "zero".

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