Heart Rate Analysis Laboratory

This page is designed to help people interested in examinning and/or analyzing heart rate data, specifically RR interval data. A summary of the different types of experiments and analyses one can do can be found in Putting your heart into physics, which is published in AJP: P.B. Siegel, A. Urhausen, J. Sperber, and W. Kindermann, Am. J. Phys. 72, 324-332 (March 2004), as well as Nonstationary time series analysis of heart rate variability, P.B. Siegel, J. Sperber, W. Kindermann, and A. Urhausen, Los Alamos Preprint Archive: Quantitative Biology QM/0410010 (Oct 2004).

The data that is analyzed is a series of successive "RR intervals". The RR interval is the time between the "R" peaks (in an EKG) of successive heart beats. The RR interval is simply the time between successive heart beats. One can measure the RR interval to an accuracy of a milli-sec, and is usually recorded to this accuracy. The data we analyze is in the format of a text file, which is a list of the RR interval times in units of msec. This is the file format that is saved by Polar's RS800 heart rate monitor, and we show some sample data below.

Analysis Tools:

Sample Data:

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