Problem C16: An object of mass m, which is confined to move on the "x-axis", is subject to a resoring force F. You know that the magnitude of F is proportional to xn3, where x is the position on the x-axis. You want to determine the exponent n3, so you carry out two experiments. You bring the object out to the position x=d and release it from rest, it returns to the origin (x=0) where you measure it's speed to be v0. Now you bring the object out to the position x=n1d and release it from rest. You measure it's speed v as it passes though the origin at x=0 and obtain v=n2v0. With this information, determine the exponent n3? Note that n1, n2 and n3 are unitless.

n1 = n2 = Input n3:
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