Nuclear Parameters
Z (number of protons) n (number of screening electrons) c (screening radius in Ao) -Estart (eV)

l=0 l=1 l=2 l=3

The program calculates the energy levels of a valance electron for the following electrostatic potential: Z protons in the nucleus plus n "screening" electrons uniformly distributed in a solid sphere of radius c. That is the electric potential is a Coulomb potential for a point source with charge +Ze surrounded by a uniformly charged sphere of radius c that has a total charge of -ne. The results listed are energies for bound states between zero and -estart for the different values of orbital angular momentum l. Good choices are estart around 10 eV and 0.3 < c < 0.6. Setting c=0.01 lets one check the case for the point Coulomb potential. As c is increased, the levels decrease in energy.